Mukhwan Quick Bread

- 1.25 cups unbleached flour - 1tsp. non-aluminum baking powder - .5 tsp salt - 2 tbsp cinnamon - 1-2 tbsp Mix Mukhwas (Bhavani brand) - 1.25 cups water - makes 1 small loaf for 2-3 people
A spicy and sweet cinnamonie quick bread. This happened today due to my past 2.5 week stint at the Kitchen designér's studio. There's virtually no food here except a stash of Indian spices and beans. A suggestion was made to me "Why don't you make some bread?" by Housemate Huck. So, out of 3 small loaves I quickly concocted of completely different flavors, this one one out above the rest with a very enthusiastic "This is Goood." For Each Loaf (you can cook many at the same time and save them for later) 1. Mix all dry ingredients together thoroughly; flour, salt, baking powder, cinnamon, Mix mukhwas. 2. Next add the water and mix thoroughly. 3. Coat a flat cookie sheet lightly with oil (preferably peanut) 4. Preheat the Oven to bake at 400F 5. take the bread dough mixture and ball it up. then flatten it on the cookie sheet taking up 3/4 of the shortest width of the long sheet. 6. bake for 25 min. or until golden brown (check with a spaghetti noodle that pulls out cleanly). Serve with Soy Garden, Jam, and tea. Enjoy!