- 2 portions lentils (i used dried red lentils this time. proportions of lentils to rice should be 2:1 for optimal yumminess) - 1 portion brown basmati rice/wild rice (or you can use bulgur wheat, or quinoa, or pearl barley, etc. etc.) - onions - at least 1 whole onion per person, peeled & sliced - garlic - 1 peeled clove per person - lots of good olive oil - ground cumin - salt & pepper to taste - lemon juice, to taste - greek yoghurt to serve with (optional) - parsley for garnishing (optional)
mujaddara, or lentils & rice, is the simplest thing to make ever. it's perfect for when i'm starving after a long day, & don't feel particularly inclined to do anything more strenuous than chopping up onions & caramelizing them slowly over a low fire. it's also really healthful, but soothing food. 1. wash the lentils & rice. cook them together like you would rice (i just bung everything in the rice cooker, but you can do this on the stovetop), together with a dash of salt & pepper, about a teaspoonful or more of ground cumin, & the peeled, whole garlic cloves. 2. now, caramelize the onions (slooowly, onions will burn), in lots of good olive oil. when done, set aside. 3. the rice & lentils should be done by now. stir the caramelized onions & olive oil into the lentils+rice, adding more olive oil if you feel like it, which i always do. 4. taste, & adjust seasonings. more cumin, salt & pepper if necessary. a few drops of lemon juice to brighten it up. sprinkle fresh parsley over, if using, & serve with a dollop of greek yoghurt on the side. 5. a great salad to serve with this is one of chopped fresh tomatoes, red onions, & cucumber, sprinkled with more olive oil, salt, & fresh parsley. i think this is a fairly common middle-eastern mezze-type salad. or, a turkish aubergine salad. yum!