Moroccan Shrimp with Curry Fried Rice

- rice; 2 portions chilled overnight+ - egg; 1 beaten - garlic; 2 cloves finely chopped - onion; 1 finely diced - carrots; 1 diced to small cubes - aubergine; 1 diced to small cubes - mince pork; handful (optional, I had this in my fridge) - small red pepper; 1/2, remove seeds and 'veins' then finely chopped (don't touch your eyes afterwards as i did...) - shrimp; 1 pack, mine was 250 g - tomatoes; 5 diced - Moroccan spice mix* - Curry Power - garam masala; 1 tsp - coriander power; 1.5 tsp - cumin; 2 tsp - plain greek yogurt (can mix with a tiny bit of mince garlic and salt if you like) (+ i always cheat, and just quick chill i.e. make the rice, whack it in the freezer for 1 hour, take out to chill till use or keep it in the fridge if you're not using it for quite a while) (* Or you can make your own Moroccan spice mix as I did by mixing: ground cumin 3 tsp, paprika 2 tsp, turmeric 1 tsp, garlic power 1/2 tsp, ground black pepper 1/2 tsp, cayenne pepper 1/4 tsp...
1. heat up oil in a pan till very hot, pour in the egg and immediately swish it around with your spatula till all the beaten egg is cooked, do not let it burn! it will cook in roughly 10 seconds. remove immediately, set aside. 2. in a large pan, fry the chopped garlic in medium/low heat, then add the chopped onions let it fry for 10 minutes 3. add all the chopped carrots, 3/4 of the chopped aubergines and the minced pork. Sprinkle with salt, garam masala, corriander power and cumin, then give it a good fry for at least 15 minutes on medium/low heat. 4. using a smaller fresh pan, start cooking the rest of the aubergines in oil while frying the other veggies. 6. return to the big pan, add 3/4 of diced tomatoes and chopped small red pepper, let it fry for another 5 or so till the tomato juices wet the rest of the vegetables. 7. add rice to big pan, add more oil and sprinkle all over with a teaspoon or so of curry powder. mix well till the rice turns a mild yellow color. 8. quickly slice up the egg into small bits and gently mix it into the rice. leave the rice to cook on medium/low heat, stir occasionally. 9. cover the surface of the raw shrimps in moroccan spice mix, use as much as you need/like 10. return to small pan, add more oil and throw in the shrimps, turn up the heat to medium and fry till the shrimps have cooked through and picked up some nice brown color on the outside. 11. add the rest of the tomatoes to the shrimp and let it cook till the tomato juices have come out and formed a slightly thick sauce. 12. serve on top of rice with yogurt (which i unfortunately forgot to buy this time)