Mint Julep

- 12 mint leaves - 2 tablespoons simple syrup (to make simple syrup, boil 1 cup of water and add 1 cup of sugar, stir to combine and let it boil a bit to make sure sugar is dissolved, store in fridge for future use) - crushed ice - bourbon (Maker’s Mark is a good choice) - old fashioned glass - sugar
1. Moisten the top of the old fashioned glass with a damp paper towel and rim with sugar. 2. Tear the mint leaves and place them in the glass. Pour the simple syrup on top. Use a muddler to bruise the leaves (if you don’t have one, use the back of a spoon or something). 3. Add crushed ice to almost the top of the glass. Pour in enough bourbon to cover the ice. 4. Garnish with a mint leaf and sip with pleasure.