Mini Meatball Sandwich

Meatballs - made any way you like

Small dinner rolls

Olive oil


Sun dried tomatoes or tomato sauce

Grated parmesan cheese

This is an easy hors d'oeuvre that I like to make lately.  They are like mini open face meatball grinders. 

First sautee the garlic and sun dried tomatoes together in a little olive oil. 

Take each roll and slice it in half.  I usually brush them with oil and toast the halves.  Cut a meatball in half and put them flat-side down on the bread halves.  Top with slices of sun dried tomatoes and chopped garlic.  At this point I usually drizzle a bit of sriracha chili sauce on top too.  Top with grated parmesan cheese and some parsely or dried basil and serve at parties!

You could make it more like a regular meatball sandwich and just spoon some marinara on top, but it might be a little messier to eat that way  :)