Mei Goreng

Noodles - I like fresh egg noodles1/2 Onion2 cloves Garlic1 hot ChilliPrawns / Chicken
Vegetables like:CucumberMung Bean SproutsCapsicum
MushroomAn egg per servingCurry powderKecap Manis (Indonesian thick sweet soy sauce)Penut oilA wok
  1. Precook noodles, set them on to cook while you do the other stuff.
  2. Ok, lets chop up the garlic, onion and chilli and fry gently in some penut oil until just starting to brown.
  3. Add prawns or chicken untill cooked
  4. Add vegetables (Except mung bean and cucumber) and fry untill cooked to desired cookedness
  5. I like to push every thing to the sides of the wok and scramble the egg in the middle at this stage
  6. Add noodles and mung bean sprouts
  7. Mix it all around
  8. Add a good teaspoon of cury powder per serving, and cover everything in kepcap manis, I use about 5-6 table spoons
  9. mix more
  10. serve garnished with chopped cucumber.