Mash o’ potato, carrot ‘n thyme

- Potatos - Carrots - Fresh thyme - Butter - Milk - Salt - White peppar
Carrots vs thyme. Potatos vs butter. Epic battle. 1. Peel, chop and put potatos in boiling water. 2. While potatos are boiling, peel and chop carrots and put them in with the potatos. I chop them smaller than the potatos since they take longer to boil, but since I want them to be a little chunky I put them in after the potatos. 3. While potatos and carrots are boiling, chop thyme. 4. When potatos are done, strain the water and put the potatos and carrots in a bowl. 5. Add milk and butter while mashing with your utensil of choice. I use a fork for extra chunky action. 6. Mix in your chopped thyme, salt and ground white peppar. Done! Consume with beef, fish or lamb.