Maple Syrup, Mustard, Bourbon Glazed Ham


Ingredients1 ham shank or butt 1/2 cup Bourbon 1 cup pure maple syrup 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon3 tbsp seeded mustard200 g brown sugarclovessea salt



remove skin from ham. create zig zag pattern close to stump. keep the skin to cover the ham while storing left overs. 

criss cross fat with a knife  

rub with rock salt all over. 

add cloves between or in middle of diamonds. 


marinade over night 

mix all ingredients except salt and cloves (you can use a few cloves and remove them later) in pan, boil briefly, them simmer and continue to stir till it thickens. remove from heat and marinade ham evenly. reserve the glaze and refrigerate both over night 



preheat oven to 160 

line baking dish with foil 

bake for 30 mins for every kilo  (you re aiming to heat through not cook - it's already cooked!)  

in last hour, remove ham from tray, pour drippings into saucepan, return ham to oven 

remove excess fat from drippings, then combine reserved glaze 

increase heat to 180  

reapply  glaze  to ham regularly. increase temperature briefly to attain maximum golden tan. 

let stand for 20 mins before carving (the meat needs to relax and release it's juices making it more tender) 



to carve - make several cuts starting at the far end straight down until you hit the bone (like slicing bread) 

run knife sideways along the bone, separating slices 

reposition pieces to appear still attached 

pour some glaze over the top, put the rest in a gravy boat 


* Photo is of ham pre cooking