mango crepe ala mode

Crepes for 2...3...or 1 :)
(revised recipe)

This yields about (8) medium sized crepes or (4) plate-sized crepes.

1/2 C sifted flour
1/4 C whole milk
1/4 C H20
1 T melted butter
2 eggs
1/4 t salt
I prefer not to add sugar to the batter as the fillings/toppings add ample sweetness.
Also because this recipe could be used for savory crepes.

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and whisk continuously until smooth and lump-free. Into a small nonstick pan ladle a small amount of batter. Tilt the pan in a circular motion making sure the batter is evenly distributed. (You need to work fast here). With a spatula, carefully loosen the sides and check if it's lightly golden. Flip the crepe over and let the other side cook until lightly golden.

Add any fillings/toppings that strike your fancy.