Madeleines au Chocolat

- 3 eggs - 200g of (very thin) sugar - 1 bag of vanilla sugar (a tad more than 2 teaspoons) - 1/2 lemon/orange (juice) - 200g of flour - 8g of baking powder - 110g of melted butter - 50g of milk For the chocolate cover: 200g of dark chocolate + 100g of butter
1. Mix the eggs, the milk, the sugar, the flour, the vanilla sugar and the baking powder 2. When it looks homogeneous, add the melted butter and lemon/orange juice/zest 3. Mix for a minute or so 4. Let the mixture rest for 2 hours 5. Pre-heat the hoven at 220°C 6. Butter the madeleine mold 7. Fill the mould between 1/2 to 3/4 full 8. Put in the hoven for 6 minutes at 240°C then 4 minutes at 200°C (until the madeleines have risen and are very lightly browned) 9. Take out the madeleines and allow to cool Meanwhile, prepare the chocolate cover: 1. Melt the chocolate with the double boiler technique ("au bain marie" in French) 2. Add the melted butter to it 3. Mix it to obtain an homogeneous paste 10. Lay the madeleines in a (big enough) plate and cover them with the chocolate mixture 11. Let them rest for several hours (in the fridge) 12. Take them out, separate them... and enjoy!