Lobster stir-fry


1 live lobster

chopped ginger, green onion and garlic.

half-beaten egg

soya sauce and oyster sauce.

tea spoon of corn starch diluted in water

Cutting the lobster:
1) chop in half at abdomen. clean out the guts.
2) chop the head length wise. clean out the insides (e.g. brain...)
3) chop off the tail end. chop the abdomen/tail into 4 pieces.
4) chop the arms and claws.

1) fry chopped green onion and ginger in oil until fragrant.
2) toss in chopped lobster and stir until meat is becoming white and shell is becoming red.
3) add a bit of soya sauce and oyster sauce.
4) add a bit of water so it doesn't dry up and cover for 1-2 minutes.
5) remove cover, and add in some corn starch diluted in water to thicken sauce.
6) stir the loster to the sides of the wok, and pour beaten egg in center.
7) mix around for a while until sauce is thick. the shell will be red and the meat will be white.