little chocolate dream pieces

-6 eggs -200g butter -200g dark chocolate (as dark as possible) -90g wheat flour -200g sugar Optional for serving: raspberries/strawberries/blackcurrant Kiwi (or mango) vanilla ice cream
1.Add the chocolate in pieces in the pan with the melted butter and mix with a wooden spon until the mix is homogeneous. 2.Beat the whole 6 eggs and the sugar in a big bowl. 3.Add the butter-chocolate mix to the eggs, and stirr with an electrical mixer. Then add the flour meanwhile keeping on mixing. 4.Grease small ramekins with a little bit of butter, and spread some flour. Fill in them up to a 3/4 of the level. 5.Preheat the oven at 200 ºC. Bake the cakes during 10 minuts, but check the time in any case. Make sure that in the middle is not totally baked. 6.Serve hot. You can accompany with vanilla ice cream, slices of kiwi or mango and coulis of red berries. The coulis of red berries can be prepared by heating the berries in a little bit of water and adding sugar to taste, and afterwards processing it with a blender. Enjoy it!