Linguine and Creamy Cornbeef

-3 tbsp oil -1 large onion -2 med sized tomatoes-chopped -1 large can corn beef -500 cooked linguine -2 egg yolks beaten -1/4 cream -salt & pepper to taste
I saw this recipe in a magazine and it seemed easy to make. 1. Saute onions in oil, add tomoatoes. 2. Add cornbeef and cook well. 3. Reserve 1/4 of cornbeef mixture in a bowl for use as topping and toss in cooked pasta in the remaining meat in the pan. Season with salt and pepper. 4. Combine beaten egg yolks and cream in a bowl. Turn off heat and pour in mixture into the pasta. Toss Immediately and thoroughly after adding the mixture. Creamy consitency should be achieved not scrambled egg like mixture. The heat from the pasta will cook the egg. 5. Top with reserved cornbeef. Served hot.