Lentil Stew

This meal is easy made and "cooks from alone" as most stews. - lentil - carrots - potatoes - smoked ham - savory - soup powder - onions - margarine
1. Sweat the onions with some margarine until they get golden (not too much). 2. add the ham, sliced into little cubes 3. roast a little (not too much) 4. add carrots, potatoes, soup powder and savory 5. let the whole thing boil up and than simmer until the carrots and potatoes are done 6. add the lentils A short time later you are done. Additional Tipp: Cook one day before and before eating just reheat. As all stews the stew taste better after reheating another day. Variants include: - add bacon - remove ham and use more vegetables (smallage, cabbage comes to mind) - vary from soup to stew with the amount of water added Best served with: Brown Bread