Lamb Shish Kebab & Potatoes

Lamb meat (boneless shoulder works fine)

black pepper
powder garlic

olive oil
fresh parsley

Cut the lamb meat into approximately 1" pieces / cubes, removing most of the hard fat if any. Put in a mixing bowl and generously add mint , garlic powder & paprika; salt and pepper - not so generously. Pour a little EVOO and mix thoroughly with hand. skewer on bamboo sticks. If meat is too much, freeze a few skewers in a Zip Lock bag for another times.

Peel potatoes or scrub fresh ones and cut in 1/2" thick rounds. Arrange in a shallow pan - 1 maximum 2 layers of potato slices. Add salt and paprika, sprinkle EVOO and add some water (about 1/2 cup).

Arrange the lamb shish kebabs on top - if you like your meals with lots of meat, use more, I only used 10 skewers for about 10 medium potatoes. Roast on bottom rack in oven preheated to 365F for about 30-40 min check if potatoes are done and if there's enough liquid.

Serve with chopped parsley on top.