Kueh Lompat Tikam

A - GREEN LAYER: 1) 125gm rice flour 2) 1325ml coconut milk or fresh milk 3) 125ml juices pandan leaves 4) 1/4 salt 5) 1 alkaline water (optional) B - WHITE LAYER:* 1) 50gm rice flour 2) 1200ml coconut milk or fresh milk 3) 1/4 salt 4) 1/2 alkaline water (optional) Topping with syrup: 1) 500gm Palm sugar 2) 1 pandan leaf 3) 2 cups of water METHOD: Heat pan, simmer water and sugar until sugar dissolves. Put aside to cool.
1) Blend all ingredients in blender until smooth. Sieve. 2) Cook with low fire and continuously stir until batter cooked and thick. 3) Pour cooked batter inside small containers or any desire moulds. Put aside to cool. 4) keep inside fridge and serve cold. WHITE LAYER SAME METHOD AS GREEN LAYER*