Kueh Kole-Kole

1) 500 gm green beans flour 2) 3 whole grated coconuts 3) 1 medium bowl brown sugar 4) 1 cup sugar 5) 2 pandan leaves 6) 7 inch square baking tin
1) Fry the flour without oil till light and yellowish. 2) Heat pan; add plain sugar, brown sugar, pandan leaves and coconut milk from 21/2 of whole coconuts; cooked till sugar dissolves. 3) Add green beans flour bit by bit and mixed well. Cook the mixture over a gentle low heat into a thickened batter. Continuously stirs to avoid burn and till batter cooked. 4) Take 1 1/2 whole grated coconut, blender and sifted to make 1 big bowl of thick coconut milk. 5) Cooked the coconut milk until turned granules (we call it tahi minyak). Put aside. 6) Wet baking tin and pour the cooked batter and smooth the top with wet knife. Put aside to cool. 7) Spread evenly tahi minyak (granules)over the battered. Cut your desire shape with wet knife and serve.