Kueh Keria


1) 600 gm sweet potatoes – boil and mash

2) 1 cup of plain flour

3) A pinch of salt

For Coating:

1) 2 cups of sugar

2) ½ cups of plain water


Boil sweet potatoes until soft than put in a pinch of salt and mash the potatoes.

Put in plain flour bit by bit and kneads ingredients until mix well.

Scoop 2 tablespoon and roll on your palm to make a small ball.

Shape it round and dig a hole in the middle like donut.

Heat deep frying oil and fry until turn light brown.

Drain and put a side.


1) Heat frying pan without oil, add in water then sugar.

2) Cook until sugar dissolved and transform to white colour.

3) Deep in all the sweet potatoes donut at one go and coat it well until all covered with white sugar.

4) Wait till cold then serve.


if your fingers sticky while shaping out sweet potatoes donut, you can sprinkler your palm with flour to avoid stickiness.