Kueh Bakar Manis

1) 12 Pandan leaves or food colouring ‘green’ 2) 200ml Water 3) 210gm Plain flour 4) 1/2 tsp Salt 5) 3 eggs (Grade B) 6) 250ml Coconut’s milk or fresh milk 7) 200ml Plain water 8) 200gm Sugar 9) Sesame seeds - for topping 10) Cupcake’s tray or baking tray
1) Blend smooth pandan leaves with 200ml water. Strain to take the juices. 2) Mix plain flour, salt, eggs, sugar and water. Stir or blend until smooth. 3) Grease inside cupcake’s tray or baking tray with cooking oil or margarine. 4) Pour all the ingredients onto the tray. 5) Topping with Sesame seeds. Bake for 30 minutes and it'll transformed to deep green Remarks: To check weather kueh is properly baked, poking in the middle kueh and see, if the stick’s sticky that mean not yet cooked.