Korean Kim Bap

- 2 Cups of Short Grain Rice - 3 Sheets of Roasted Seaweed - 1 Carrot - Part of a Cucumber - 2 Eggs - 6 Small Crabsticks - 2 Green Onions - A little Rice Vinegar/Sesame Oil/Sugar
Mmmmnn, Kim Bap. Regularly popping down to an ajumma's street stand in Seoul to pick up a 1000 Won Kim Bap for breakfast was one of the highlights of my time in Asia. (1000 Won = around $1US). :D I decided to make this because I had a few leftover ingredients knocking around in the fridge and wasn't sure what I was going to do with them. I picked up the crabsticks for 60p at Sainsbury's so this ended up costing me next to nothing. Once you've done this a couple of times you get into the swing of it and it shouldn't take too long at all. Perfect for packed lunch! Serves 3 1. Bung the rice into the cooker. 2. When it's done, bring it out and let it cool a little. I made a little mixture with some rice vinegar, a pinch of sugar and some sesame oil to mix in to the rice. I'm not sure it was absolutely necessary, but I love sesame oil. 3. Beat your eggs and cook into a little plain omlette in your pan. When done, slice into long strips. 4. Slice your crabsticks into long thin slices, and your carrot, green onions and cucumer too. (Usually in kim bap there is a yellow pickled radish, but since I didn't have any I soaked the cucumber in rice vinegar for a short time). I cooked the carrot and green onions in a pan jsut a little to soften them up and bring a little flavour out. 5. Spread a thin layer of rice on to the seaweed, taking care to leave a small gap at either end of the paper. Arrange your ingredients on the rice together ready to be rolled up. 6. It's probably better if you use a bamboo rolling mat for this, but I didn't have one and it worked out okay - roll quite tightly making sure not to let any of it leak out or get messy. Seal it with a little water/rice at the end. 7. Slice in to about 8-10 portions. 8. Serve!