Korean Cucumber

- Part of cucumber - Rice Vinegar - Sesame Oil - Hot Chilli Pepper - Sesame Seeds
**Usually when if I am scanning through recipe websites I skip right through anything that does not contain meat - and if you are like me - STOP! I IMPLORE YOU!!** This really is worth it. I have never had much time for the plain old cuc', but for some reason serving it up like this *just does somethng for me*. 1. Hack a bit of cucumber off (as much as you want to make, really). Slice it in half and deseed it. 2. I thought it would be best to julienne the thing and spent a couple of hours traipsing around both Tesco's and Ikea the other day but for the life of me could not find a utensil to do it. So slice the cucumber up *real thin*. 3. Once you have enough cucumber, put it in a small pot and splash some rice vinegar on top. 4. Throw a small splash of sesame oil in as well. 5. Whilst it's sitting in the vinegar, slice up your hot chilli *real thin*. Get rid of those seeds. If you're like me, then you'll probably need to be pre warned not to wipe your nose/clean your ears/poke yourself in the eye during this stage. Wash your hands after slicing that chilli. 6. Serve with the chilli slithers and a sprinling of sesame seeds.