Countertop in a kitchen

Cook up a Storm No Matter How Big the Space

Staying organized in the kitchen helps shave off valuable time when it comes to cooking, especially when you’re dealing with one on the smaller side. Luckily, there are plenty of tips and tricks for getting the most out of your space in the kitchen, especially with organization and storage.

Whether you’re looking for some inexpensive hacks or stylish solutions, you’re sure to find what best suits you and your kitchen needs here.

Hidden Pantry

If you’re lacking space in the pantry or have a hard time finding your spices in high cabinets, a hidden pantry could be a great option to consider. There are lots of options for different budgets like this Lavish Home Mobile Shelving Unit or this Shelving Inc Chrome Wire Shelving.

Hiding it in the space next to your refrigerator is a great way to organize your kitchen without taking up more floor or countertop space. If you don’t have that extra space near your fridge, it’s also thin enough that you could position it against a wall and still not take up too much space — whatever you find works best for you.

Magnetic Spice Storage

A super easy DIY project for storing spices could be buying some strong magnets from your local hardware store and attaching them to your spice containers. Simply stick them to your refrigerator and instantly clear up space in your pantry or cabinets for other larger kitchen needs.

If you’re not the DIY type, there are plenty of companies who sell ready-made kits for you to label and store your spices on your refrigerator with ease, like these Nosiva Magnetic Spice Tins. You’ll never have to dig through rows and rows of spice containers again!

Metal Hooks

Another even simpler kitchen storage hack would be to grab some metal hooks — or the plastic hooks that don’t leave behind holes — to hold your various kitchen utensils, mugs or measuring spoons. The best place for hooks are in the inside of pantry and cabinet doors. This will not only help keep you organized but can also utilize some of your wasted space.

Another great hook idea is to attach them to an old bookshelf, not only creating shelving but also room to store mugs below. If you’re looking for something a little more streamlined, this Lakeside Collection Coffee Mug Wall Rack is both chic and inexpensive.

Lazy Susan

Nothing is worse than looking for one particular spice and having to turn every single one around because they’re all crowded in rows in your cabinet. A Lazy Susan is an awesome solution to this issue, especially a Lazy Susan that is multi-tiered. Not only will the shelving add extra storage to a confined space, but all your spices can be facing the correct way.

There are some simple DIY examples on Pinterest if you’re feeling handy. But for those of us who aren’t great with our hands, there are some inexpensive finds as well, like this Estilo Stainless Steel Lazy Susan.

Office Supplies

Sometimes you have to look in unexpected places and let your imagination do the work. Scope out your local office supply store to see what kind of hacks you can come up with. Using magazine file holders, like these Storex Book Bins, in your pantry is a great way to organize produce like onions, tomatoes and potatoes after a big grocery trip.

Or if you’re looking for better storage in your refrigerator, containers like these mDesign Office Supplies Organizer Bins are great for stacking and storing your favorite fruits and kids’ snacks. Something like this EasyPAG Vertical Wire Desk File Organizer would be great for organizing sheet pans, food storage container lids, cutting boards and more.

Not only will you be able to find everything you need faster, it’ll help you manage the small space that you do have for these larger items.

Mason Jar Wall Organizer

If you’re going for a more rustic kitchen look, this Outback Craft Shack Mason Jar Wall Organizer is perfect for storing your forks, knives and spoons as well as the larger utensils. It will free up some extra space in drawers and on counters; just be sure to buy some cute utensils since this nearly doubles as an art display.

Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer

A cheap and easy find at any home or super store, an over-the-door shoe organizer is as perfect for the pantry as it is your closet. Ideal for storing opened snack bags, sandwich bags, spices, canned goods and more, you’ll easily free up space you already have without taking any away. This means more space for, let’s say, your small appliances that take up lots of counter space.

Now you’ve cleared off counter space for you to properly meal prep and have everything stowed away neatly. Be sure to grab one with mesh or clear material so you can see everything that’s inside, like this Misslo Over the Door Shoe Organizer.

More Shelving

Not everyone can afford to get new shelving installed, but luckily you can create your own extra shelving with a product like this Simple Houseware Under Shelf Basket that attaches to your cabinet or pantry and utilizes the unused space.

Perfect for storing your aluminum foil, gallon-sized bags, parchment paper and more! Not only is it simple to install, it’s an inexpensive solution to a widespread problem.