Kimchi Mushroom Fried Rice

- a knob of butter - vegetable oil - a few cloves of garlic finely chopped - half an onion chopped - a couple inches of negi green onion sliced - Chinese pork soup base paste (any other soup base would probably work just as well) - a small handful of nameko mushrooms - salt - a few cups of old rice - a few large heaping spoonfuls of kimchi - soy sauce - 2 eggs
This was one of those "dump everything from the refrigerator together that looks like it's going to mutate soon" creations that turned out surprisingly well so I thought I'd share. 1. Add butter and oil to a large pan or wok. Once the butter finishes foaming add the garlic. When the smell starts to come out dump in the onion, green onion. 2. When the onion becomes translucent put in a few small spoonfuls of the soup paste. Toss in the mushrooms as well. Mix together and sprinkle a bit of salt. 3. Add in the rice. Drizzle enough soy sauce to add a little color to the rice and help break it up. Fold the ingredients together well and add the kimchi. Add salt if needed. 4. Beat eggs in a bowl with a small pinch of salt. Make a well in the center of the rice and scramble the eggs until about 70% cooked. Fold in with the rest of the rice and serve immediately. Notes: Later I also added some shredded cheese on top and tasted fantastic.