Kimchi Bokumbap (Kimchi Fried Rice)

- Napa Cabbage Kimchi (With the juice intact) - Ground beef or any other meat you choose. (I used shrimp and ground beef for this recipe!) - Vegetable oil, suitable amount - About 2 Tbsp of Soya sauce - Rice. Can be short grain or long grain. I used day old rice. - Onions, diced - Garlic - Sesame oil to your liking Optionals: - Chili-garlic sauce - Egg - Sesame seed - Scallions
Kimchi bokumbap is great for those days you can't find anything to do with your extra rice or kimchi... very tasty. - Dice the onions and garlic, set aside. Chop up the kimchi cabbage too into smaller pieces and also set aside. - Put vegetable oil on wok/pan and add the onions, garlic and ground beef. - Add in the rice, stirring it around the wok constantly. - Add kimchi and the kimchi juice. Add the desired amount until it goes slightly orange. Add the soya sauce. Stir and fold the rice. - Add in the chili-garlic sauce and sesame seed oil. Continue to stir and fold the rice. - Add the remaining egg***, sesame seeds and scallions. Stir again and serve! *** The last part is optional! For my own rice, I put the egg in the pan and let it cook while I stirred it in. I left it in a few minutes and stirred it around. You can serve it either cooked egg in it already and adding it in the end as if it were meat or add a fried egg on top of the rice before serving!