4 glasses of flour -1 glass of semolina -250 gr. butter or margarine -1 glass of oliveoil -2 tablespoon of powder sugar -2 damla sakızı (a kind of chewing gum) -1 package of baking powder -¼ tablespoon of mahalep -1 lemon -¼ glass of milk -2 eggs -1 bowl of fried sesame Stuffing: -1 glass of beaten walnut -½ tablespoon of cinnamon -½ tablespoon of allspice -¼ tablespoon of ginger -1 tablespoon of powder sugar Coating: -Powder sugar or kopuk helva
Crumble the flour, semolina and butter. Pour the warm oliveoil on to this mixture and mix them well. Add powder sugar, mahalep, lemon, beaten damlasakizi, baking powder and mix them all. Add eggs, fried sesame, knead them and let it rest for 10 minutes. Pluck egg-size pieces, make holes with your fingers, fill ½ tablsepoon of the stuffing mixture in it and wrap it. Put it onto kerebic mould and squeeze it wiht your hands. Put all the dough pieces on a tray. Place the tray in the 356F preheated oven and take them out of oven when the pieces turn red. When serving, spread powder sugar or kopuk helva on them. Preparation of the stuffing: Mix the smashed wallnut, cinnamon, allspice, ginger, powder sugar. Bon apetite :)