jealousy stuffy pumpkin

  1. pumpkin sliced to half, seeds removed 
  2. ground meat (suggestion; lean chicken)
  3. tofu (half amount of meat)
  4. pepper and salt
  5. a spoonful of soy source 
  6. corn starch 
  7. chicken broth for source
  8. minced onion for source, just a handful 
  1. Place meat, tofu, pepper, salt, soy source and corn starch in a large bowl. 
  2. Mix it up with your hands until mixture of meat and tofu does look very pink.
  3. Stuff mixture onto the pumpkin.
  4. Place stuffed pumpkin in a pressure cooker with the bottle of water. Steam. In most case, the cooker automatically finishes for you. I usually use a high pressure cooker, but if you don't have you can place stuffed pumpkin on the oven. Wait and see the time when all look baked well. 
  5. Make source. In a saute pan, stir minced onion to the point that they look browned.
  6. Pour chicken broth to the pan and heat with onion.
  7. When it glazes enough, you need to prepare thick source before a pressure cooker finishes steaming.
  8. In a separate cup, mix together two spoonful of corn starch with water. Then add that to the chicken source.
  9. With the coat of shimmering source, serve the pumpkin and someone will envy you!