Japanese Hutspot

- Japanese potatoes (いも) (more tasty then Dutch ones) - carrots - unions - milk - some kind of boil flavoring method (either bullion or だし) - real Hokkaido butter (北海度バータ) - optional Daikon, Japanese radish (だいこん)
This is a traditional Dutch winter dish, which can be cooked under Japanese circumstances. The Dutch name is Hutspot and it's classified as a 'stampot'. I've decided that the Japanese translation is フットスポト (Huttosupoto). Like most Dutch dishes, it's always a challenge to bring flavor to them. Therefore I recommend that you use salt, pepper and bullion and eat this with bacon or pork. 1. Shave the potatoes, slice them in half and put them in a pan of water with the flavoring. 2. Shave the carrots (I know you can do that), chop them in 8 pieces and add them to the potatoes. Also, add the optional Daikon. 3. Turn on the pan on a low fire while adding a sliced union. 4. After 20 minutes, check if the potatoes are soft and tasteless. 5. If so, remove the water and higher the fire for 2 minutes. 6. Add some milk and the butter and use a strong tool to mesh everything together. That's it! Enjoy!