Jap curry with spinach side

- 1 box of curry roux - 200-250g soft chewy pork cubed - 1/2 big white onion sliced - 2 1/2 big white onions quatered - 3 nice plump carrots chopped into chunks - 5 medium size potatoes quatered - 3 cloves garlic chopped - 2 laurel leaves - curry powder to taste
1. Pre-marinade the pork with curry powder and prep the rest of the ingredients 2. Heat up pan and brown pork cubes 3. Keep fire but remove pork and add in sliced onions. Saute till brown 4. Add carrots, onions and potatoes. Saute till soft but watch that the potatoes don't overcook 5. Add in the meat 6. Add in the water enough to cover the ingredients in the pot. Drop in the laurel leaves and bring to boil 7. Turn down heat and allow to simmer for about 35-45min. 8. Crack the roux cubes (keeping it in the foil) into smaller pieces. 9. Turn off the heat. 10. Holding the ladle in the stew, slowly mix in each roux cube until it dissolves fully. 11. Serve with some spinach and rice on the side.