Someone cooking with their Instant Pot.

Cooking With an Instant Pot

If you are a creative cook who wants to be able to cook in a timely manner, then this machine will change your life. Meet the Instant Pot, It is a counter top pressure cooker that can do everything from hard boiled eggs, yogurt and even entire chickens and roasts. You can cook a whole frozen chicken in less than an hour! There are hundreds of great recipes you can make. Here you will find out how this amazing appliance can save you time and energy in the kitchen.

What Does An Instant Pot Do?

Instant Pot is actually a brand name for a counter top appliance that is a combined pressure cooker and slow cooker. It can cook everything from rice to yogurt. It can steam, warm and sauté veggies all at the same time. Being sold for around $100, this beauty is worth every dollar. With a mere flip of a switch, you can have an entire dinner on the table in under 30 minutes. No more stove or oven tending. The best part is that when you are finished using your Instant Pot, you can simply unplug it and return it to the cupboard or pantry.

What Can You Make With An Instant Pot?

Save time and money and unleash your inner creative cook when you explore all the ways an instant pot can be used. As you experiment, you will find yourself using it more and more. It is definitely one of the best investments a home cook can make! Do not be afraid to get creative. Just remember to follow the user’s guide to get really familiar with how to clean and operate your Instant Pot. The more you know, the more often you will rely on it to create effortless meals in minutes.

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How to Select the Perfect Size

On the market for an Instant Pot? First, know what size you need. A three quart model is great for a single person or a small family. It is also perfect for simple creations like smaller batches of oatmeal or a hearty soup or stew. The six quart instant pot is the most popular option and can be used to make a fully cooked meal that serves three to six people. The eight quart instant pot is perfect for larger families or if you do a lot of meal prep. Lots of restaurants, churches and other food service establishments use instant pots for large scale meal prep. If your family is smaller, the six quart will do nicely, but if your family is larger and you do a lot of meal prep, spring for the bigger size.

What Kind of Instant Pot Should You Buy?

Take the time to read about the various features you need when selecting your instant pot. The basic instructions will be on the touch screen control panel located on the outside of the pot. Take notice of the pressure valve, the steam valve, the collector cup that catches steam or condensation that is released while using the slow cooking feature. There are sealing rings that help absorb odors and most models have a steamer rack or basket that keeps the food raised.

Naturally, you can purchase extra accessories depending on what you are using your instant pot for. There are spring form pans for quiche and cheesecake, trivets for hard boiled eggs. You should always have a steady supply of extra sealant rings just in case.

A Final Note

Your Instant Pot will come with an instruction guide that explains how to set it up before the first use. It will also come with some basic recipes to try so you can get the hang of it and more detailed recipes when you feel more comfortable using all of its features. The internet is a great resource for instant pot devotees. There are also Facebook and Pinterest pages dedicated to sharing tips, tricks and recipes for newcomers and old timers alike. You will find your instant pot is a valuable kitchen resource. You will wonder how you ever lived without it!