Instant “Beggar’s” Noodles

- any brand of instant ramen - [kecap manis]( - maggi chilli sauce - sesame oil
This is one of the tastiest ways of dressing up your instant ramen and was a staple for me during university. I still like to make it from time to time for reasons of nostalgia or having blown all my money on booze that month. 1. Begin cooking your instant ramen as per the packet instructions. 2. Whilst still a little hard ("al dente", if there is such a thing for instant ramen) turn off the heat and strain the soup away into a bowl to keep aside. Drain the noodles thoroughly. 3. Put the dry noodles in a bowl and mix in sesame oil, kecap manis and chilli sauce to taste. 4. Garnish with anything - flaked seasoned chicken, fried onions, chopped green onions or crushed cashew nuts work well. Serve with the soup on the side.