Improved Ramen Noodles

- 1 packet (per person) Ramen noodles (any flavor, any brand) - 1/4 long cucumber - 7 shrimps (add more if you really need shrimps :))
Fast improvement to your fast bowl of noodles! 1. put shrimps into soup bowl 2. add a little boiling water just to cover them, and wait 1 min. (basically this is for frozen shrimp; if using fresh shrimp, proceed to next step) 3. put the noodle-brick atop the shrimps (crush the brick beforehand if you want smaller noodle fragments). also, add the flavorings from packet (if included) 4. add boiling water to sink all noodles 5. add cucumber (cut into sticks) 6. wait 2-5 min. and slurp away!