hot HOT chili paste

*fresh chili *dried scallop *salt *garlic *sugar(optional)
something i can't live without! i would say it goes with almost all the food out there, its that magical! 1* wash fresh chili (mom handpick her chili from chili farm and she picks the hot ones, there are scerval kinds, some are hotter than some are nothing). Use food processer (or by hand) to chop up the chili. 2* soak dried scallop till not dried, break it up to small pieces by hand. 3* peel and chop garlic to fine pieces. 4* heat oil, fry garlic till golden, add processed chili. mix it from time to time, let it cook for about 10-15 min. Add salt, sugar (the amount depends on how salty or sweet you want). voila! p.s. dried shrimp can also be added to give it extra flavour, but i ran out. p.s. a good tip to keep the paste fresh: use an empty and clean jam jar, put in oven with both the jar and lid (separate) for about 10 min in 150 degree. put the paste in the hot jar then lid it. it'll squeeze all the air out, then it can be stored for longer. p.s. always use clean spoon or whatever to take the paste out, otherwise mold will start to grow. store in fridge once its opened.