Hot Chili Oil

- Chili - Garlic - Onions - Chili - Pepper Salami - Dill - Chili - Salt - Oil Did I mention the Chili?
Kids, don't try this at home ;-) This experience may change your live forever :-) My wife is jelling at me , because I "ruin" her food with my Chili Oil.. :-D There is almost nothing which can't be made (even more) perfect with this special Oil. A short note regarding the Oil, I like to use thistle Oil, because it has almost no taste, so it won't conflict with the ingredients. First, slice the Onion, Garlic and the Salami in very small pieces. Make the Oil almost boil then throw in the Onions, wait for a few minutes until the Onions get glassy then proceed with the Garlic and a little bit later with the Salami. (You don't have to use the Salami to make it a perfect Chili Oil, it's just an addition I wanted to try this time) Let everything cook a little bit and agitate from time to time. After ~5 Minutes add more Oil, to cool down the whole thing a little bit. Then add the Chili (I've used dried Chili this time, because we ran out of fresh ones), as well as the spices you want to use, like Dill, Salt, Red Pepper powder..what ever you like. Take care that the Oil is not getting to hot now or else you will burn the taste out of this creation ;-) After 2 more minutes give everything into a Jar to let it cool down... Et voila.. thats it.. you are now ready to spice up your life :-D