Honey Tamagoyaki

- 1 egg - 1tsp honey - 1 tsp of warm water - nonstick cooking spray or oil
Tamagoyaki is that sweet rolled egg you find in sushi, such as the futomaki roll. It's fluffy and a little sweet. I was craving this today and I remembered my Japanese conversation partner taught me to use honey when making tamagoyaki. So, I tried it out today for dinner and it turned out so well, if I may say so myself. ;) keke. Try it out for a fast, easy, oishii super. I put mine over some quick stir fried veggies. 1. In a bowl, mix the honey and warm water together until the honey is completely dissolved in the water. 2. Add the egg into the bowl and whisk together. 3. Heat a pan on medium heat and spray with non stick cooking spray. 4. When pan is heated, pour egg into pan and try to distribute the egg so you have a thin even layer. 5. Wait till the egg is almost completely cooked through (turn the heat lower if it's burning the bottom). The top should be just a little bit runny. 6. Check to see if the egg is not stuck to the bottom of the pan. Start rolling the egg from one side carefully with your cooking spatula. 7. Once rolled up into a spiral kind shape, put a lid on the pan and turn to very low heat. This step is to make sure the egg is cooked through. ** If your pan doesn't come with a lid, it's fine. Just cook it a little longer with low heat.