Healthy Lettuce Wrap

Iceberg Lettuce, washed
100g Beansprouts
2 Eggs, beaten
1 Onion, sliced
1 Carrot, shredded
2 Garlic, sliced
Oil (Sesame or oil of your choice)
Spring Onion
Soy Sauce
Salt & Pepper

Do you ever feel like eating a lot but don't want to feel bad the next day?

This is the perfect dish if you feel like that.
Anyway, it is pretty addictive. Enjoy!

First, separate and wash the lettuce, and keep them cold by leaving them in ice cold water or fridge.
I do not like to leave them in the water because the nutrition that they don't have much to start with would leak.

First, we make the eggs. If you are using sesame oil, then you have to use separate oil for the eggs. Heat oil in the pan.
Pour in the eggs, incorporating a lot of air (refer to my fried rice recipe). Set it aside.

In a same pan, first add the onion, when they are transparent, add garlic and carrots. The vegetables don't need to be fully cooked, as the crunchy bite will add to the addictive factor.

Add soy sauce and mirin, and any seasoning you fancy, then pour the eggs back and mix them well.

At the very end, add the sprouts. You do not want to break them so be careful when you mix.

Plate it on a large, relatively flat bowl.
Put the lettuce on another place.

Serving: Wrap at the table. Wrap the vegetable mix on a leaf of lettuce and crunch!!! Enjoy!