Ham hock terrine with pickle


3 ham hocks ( ham shanks )

A good selection of stock vegetables , carots , celery, parsley stalks and onions

2 bunches of flat parsley chopped.

3 chopped shallots

handful of chopped capers

handful of chopped gerkhins

3 gelatine leaves.



Place the ham hocks in a large pan of water and soak overnight

Next day , drain off the salty stock and replace with fresh water , add the stock vegetables , bring to the boil , skim then simmer for 2 / 3 hours until the meat is tender and about to fall away from the bone.

Allow the ham to cool in the stock.When the stock is cool , remove the ham and remove the meat from the bones and place in a large bowl.Add the shallots , gerkhins and capers to the ham.

Reserve a pint of stock , heat up a little and dissolve the gelatine leaves in the warm liquid.Add a little to the ham mix to bind it all.

Line the mould or terrine dish with several layers of clingfilm then pour in a small amound of stock.scatter over a layer of parsley , then pack a layer of ham mix on top.

Repeat , stock , parsley , ham layer and press down to firm up

Repeat until mould is filled.

wrap with clingfilm and allow to chill for 24 hours

slice and serve with picallilli and spiced pear chutney.