Gyudon and Egg

- 2 Cups of Rice - Some beef - 1 Cup of Dashi - 2 TBS of Soy Sauce - 3 TBS of Mirin - 2 TBS of Cooking Sake - 1 TBS of Sugar - 2 Small Onions - 2 Cloves of Garlic
**A few years ago I tumbled out of the main exit at Shenyang train station in northern China totally unprepared for the humugous throng of locals milling about elbow to elbow. I was tired, hungry and eventually found myself stepping inside a Yoshinoya barging my way to the counter with another 50 or so locals.** I ordered a bowl of Gyudon and things haven't been the same for me since. I'm 100% sure I am one of the least qualified people to supply this recipe, but if you've got all of the ingredients for this, then it's super easy to make and here is my stab at a tasty Japanese clasic. Serves 2 1. Prepare your rice. 2. I had my beef steak in the freezer for a couple of hours before I came to slice it - it makes things so much simpler when you are trying to get those super-thin beef slices. Or you can just buy pre-sliced beef from a Japanese grocer. 3. After you've done the beef, let it sit in a little cooking sake and slice your garlic and onion. 4. Toss the onion into a pan on a medium heat. Don't let them burn. 5. After a minute or two, add the garlic, mirin, soy sauce and cooking sake. 6. Let it all simmer on a medium heat. 7. A couple of minutes later, add the beef to the top (no need to stir) and a few moments later add your dashi. 8. Bring it all to the boil, and then allow it to simmer. 9. Yoshinoya's looks quite dry so I suspect that's how most people like it. I like mine on the wet side, and I beat an egg, threw it on top and let it sit for 20 seconds or so (don't like it overly done). 10. Serve in a bowl on top of your rice. Add some beni shoga (pickled ginger) if ya like.