- Ripe avocados - Sun ripe tomatoes / finely chopped - Sweet onion / finely chopped - Coriander / finely chopped - Lime / for the juice - Salt **Optional extras** - Green chilli pepper ( for that extra kick ) - Extra virgin olive oil ( for smoother texture )
**Not being a huge fan of avocado, I never really bothered to look into how to make guacamole; it was just one of those sauces that I buy without thinking. Though recently I have decided to confront the food I don't like, and try to make it into something I wouldn't mind eating; it turns out that guacamole is actually an extremely easy dipping sauce to make, and far more tastier than what you can get in the supermarkets.** 1. Half your avocado and drop the flesh and the stone into the bowl. Add the lime juice and use a fork to mash up the flesh. 2. Add the chopped tomatoes, sweet onion, and coriander and mix it all together. Season to taste. 3. Take out the avocado stone and SERVE! **Did you know...** *Using the same ingredients, but just replace the avocados with green chilli peppers will give you Mexican Sauce (called Mexican sauce because the colours resemble the Mexican flag)!*