Grilled Pineapple + Turkey patty

- rice - cumin - grounded turkey - Greens - misc fruits - Pineapples
*** For the Rice *** 1. In a pan, mix wild rice, dried corn, dried peas, add water then start cooking 2. when water starts to boil add some sea salt + curry 3. stir till curry blends in then turn off the heat, keep the lid on till rice is eatable 4. take off lid, use fork fluff rice and let it sit to the side ** For the Grilled Pineapple + Turkey Patty ** 1. Take out good amount of grounded turkey 2. Mix turkey meat with; salt, cumin, sesame oil, {a little} corn starch (to keep the meat tender) 3. make little balls out of turkey mixture, then flat them out, place them on the stove top grill 4. start to chop pineapples 5. once oil comes out the meat, bring on the chopped pineapples 6. Grill till everything is fully cooked, take off the meat slice into strips *** Finally *** 1. chop up some salad and fruits 2. bring everything onto the table in buffet style that way no one should complaint. I like to think THIS is a fool proof meal, for some last min. guest gatherings :o)