Grilled Flank Steak, Canadian Style

- flank steak, any size - 125ml maple syrup - 2 tbsp soy sauce - 2 tbsp olive oil - 1.5 tbsp lemon juice - 75-100ml red wine vinegar - salt and pepper, to taste - 4 cloves garlic, crushed - 1 tbsp crushed ginger (For bigger steaks you may need to increase the volume of ingredients)
This recipe makes a super delicious steak for a summer BBQ, and it's a nice change from your typical BBQ sauce smothered behemoth steak. Puncture steak several times on each side with a fork. Combine all ingredients in a container or plastic food bag. Add steak and marinate for at least a few hours, preferably overnight. After marinating, cook on the grill whole, just a few minutes on either side. You want the centre of the steak to be nice and pink. If you cook it too long, the meat will be dry and tough, so take care! If in doubt, just sear each side and eat rare, as the marinade will have "cooked" the meat anyways. Slice the steak across the grain, nice and thin, and serve with boiled or roasted new baby potatoes with a nice dab of butter, and asparagus or other seasonal summer vegetable. Enjoy!