Grilled eggplant and avocado mini burger

I haven't provided any proportions; this is just a combination I like :) - Smallish bun or dinner roll of your choice (I have a poppy seed roll here) - Eggplant, slicd thinly into rounds - Avocado - QP mayonnaise - Extra virgin olive oil (pick a fruity, fragrant one) - Salt, pepper - Fresh herbs of your choice - I recommend basil.
I was actually going to just use up my leftover grilled eggplant on a toasted roll, bruschetta style for a late night snack. Then I thought "I really have to make more of an effort, then I can post it up on OSF!". (me=lame-o) But my photography sucks so I take a long time before I get any shots worthy enough of posting on OSF (I cook alot but don't post up many recipes because I'm too shy >_<). AND THEN my food gets cold DX Oh well. I like mini buns because they are cute and I can only eat so much... 1. Season eggplant with generous amounts of olive oil, bruised fresh herbs and salt and pepper. 2. Grill on cast iron griddle. Or just fry it in a pan till nice and brown. Grilled eggplants keep well in the fridge so you can make alot at a time and use them up whenever you get the me today XD 3. Cut buns in half, drizzle olive oil over cut sides. Press them down onto hot cast iron pan to toast. You can chuck the eggplants on the side of the pan to reheat them. 4. Flip buns over to lightly toast outer sides. 5. Layer eggplant on buns, scoop over avocado, give a good squirt of mayo, chuck on some bruised basil and sprinkle over white pepper (I personally prefer white pepper as it's milder and doesn't wrest attention away from the milder avocado)