Grilled Artichokes Salad

- Globe Artichokes / prepared and quartered - Un-waxed lemons - White wine vinegar - Olive oil - Garlic - Extra virgin olive oil - Salt n' Pepper - Red and yellow cherry tomatoes / halved - Anchovies in oil (preferably already seasoned with garlic and herbs) - Parsley / finely chopped
**Yay, Chef Ramsay is back on our screens with yet another series of The F Word! This dish was very much inspired and partially taken from one of the recipes he cooked on the current serie. He served grilled artichokes with some carrots and butter - roasted beef. Seen that I don't eat beef, I thought I will serve it as a nice salad instead. Also, I have never prepared artichokes before, so it was about time I learnt how to do it!** There are many different ways of preparing artichokes. This is the way that worked best for me (found in one of Jamie’s cookbooks). You may want to wear a pair of clean rubber gloves, as artichokes can be a bit prickly. 1. Grab a big bowl and fill it cold water and the juice of one lemon. Cut another lemon in half and leave to the side. Cut the stalk of the artichoke about 5cm from the base of the heart and slice across the top of the artichoke. Smear the freshly cut 'face' with the cut lemon. Artichokes oxidise and brown as soon as you start cutting into it. 2. Using a small knife, start peeling off the outer tough leaves one by one and keep going till you get to the tender light green leaves. 3. To remove the choke ( the purple furry flower in the middle ), insert a teaspoon into the centre of the flower and carefully twist the spoon. Be careful not to break the tender leaves on the side. Again, smear with lemon. 4. Use the small knife to carefully clean off the broken leave bases from the bottom of the heart and remove the tough stringy skin from the stalk. 5. Slice the artichoke into halves or quarters and drop into the bowl of lemon water, and onto your next artichoke till you prepared them all. 6. Fill a large saucepan with couple of inches of water and add a good amount of white wine vinegar, bring to the boil. Add the artichokes and simmer for 15-18min till tender. 7. While the artichokes are cooking you can prepare the tomatoes and put them into a large bowl. Season and dress with a glug of extra virgin olive oil and some lemon juice. 8. In a bowl, put few glugs of olive oil and some garlic puree. When the artichokes are done, toss them in the oil and season generously with salt and pepper. 9. Heat a griddle pan over a medium to low heat and griddle the artichokes until golden and slightly charred at the edges. 10. Place the artichokes on the serving dish and top with the tomatoes, and anchovies. Garnish with the parsley and squeeze some lemon juice all over. **Grilled Artichokes Salad with Tomatoes & Anchovies. DONE.**