Gingerbread, white chocolate cream



100g - Milk

50g - eggs

200g - honey

Half a cinnamon stick

1 star anise

3 cloves

3 crushed cardamom pods

1 tsp ginger powder

peel from half a lemon

peel from half an orange

15g - baking powder

220g - flour ( plain)


For the white chocolate mix

100g - milk

20g - sugar

2 egg yolks

half a leaf of gelatine

200g - white chocolate

300g - whipped cream ( soft peaks)



I tried this one yesterday , a perfect combination of gingerbread layers and white chocolate...One of the famous marriages made in heaven.

To make the bread

Bring the milk to the boil ,remove from the heat, add the spices and let them infuse their flavours for a few hours ...preferably overnight.

Mix all the remaining ingredients for the bread together and then add the milk ( minus the bits) mix thoroughly together

Add the mixture to a lined loaf tin and bake for about 40 mins at 170 deg approx.Allow to cool and then wrap in film and freeze overnight.( it needs to be frozen to be cut thinly )

For the white choc cream -

Bring milk and sugar to the boil , remove from heat and whisk half the milk with the egg yolks , mix thoroughly together.

Add the rest of the milk and mix in.

Add the pre soaked gelatine leaf and the broken up chocolate , mix well and allow to cool

Add the whipped cream and fold in well.

To serve

Take the gingerbread out of the freezer and slice thinly , cut small rounds out with a metal cutter

stack 3 or 4 rounds of gingerbread with nice spoonfuls of white choc cream on each.

Decorate with caramel art , raspberry puree and enjoy.