Ginger Tea

- 2 thumb-sized knobs of ginger - half a lemon - 1 tbsp of honey - boiling water (about 3 cups)
Ginger tea is a lovely, yummy drink that's purportedly got medicinal purposes as well, such as removing wind and... well a whole lot more, I just don't know what. Anyway, to cut a rambly story short, it's good for you, AND tastes good to boot! :) 1. Put a kettle on the stove and start it boiling. 2. While the water heats up, peel the ginger and slice it up. 3. Remove the rind from the lemon (you just want the yellow bits, not the bitter white pith), and squeeze the juice into your teapot. 4. Give the ginger a good bash in your mortar and pestle (optional step, but I think it really helps to release the flavours), and put this into your tea pot along with the lemon rind, juice, and honey. 5. Pour most of the boiling water into the teapot, and give it a good stir to help dissolve the honey. 6. Pour a little of the boiling water into your mortar and pestle to make sure you get every last bit of gingery goodness, and pour that into the teapot. 7. Cover the teapot, and let it steep for 10-15 minutes. 8. Strain into a teacup and enjoy.