Gateaux Tiramisu

- 2-3 cups strong coffee , cooled - liqueur (eg., Rum, Kahlua, etc) - 2 eggs, separated - 250ml thickened cream (whipped) - 250g mascarpone cheese - 3tbs sugar - sponge fingers (pref. Savoiardi type) - cocoa powder for dusting
Well...maybe I should call it a cheater's gateaux as there are no baking involved ! Usually I would make it in a deep serving bowl, but because a friend want this as a b'day cake, I think it's better presented it this way. If you don't have thickened cream handy, pure cream will do just fine. I've also made chocolate fence for decoration purposes only, so it's optional :) 1. Make about 2-3cups of strong coffe and let it cool completely before adding in the liqueur (note : I didn't state the liqueur quantity, add as much as you want. I like mine really rummy :P) 2. Beat the egg whites until soft peak forms, set aside. 3. Whip the thickened / pure cream, set aside. 4. In a big bowl, combine the egg yolk and sugar, beat until it becomes thick and pale (about 5min ?) 5. Then add the mascarpone, and beat until just combined. 6. Using a metal spoon, fold in the whipped cream, then fold in the egg whites. Remember to work quickly as you want to keep the air structure. 7. Dip the sponge finger into the coffee mixture. As the name says, it will absorb the liquid like sponge :) Make sure to let any excess liquid to drip out before assembling. 8. To assemble, line the soaked sponge fingers on the side and on the base. Then put a layer of the cream mixture on top. Repeat Step 7 - 8. 9. Then dust with cocoa powder. It's best to let it sit overnight in the fridge to set and the flavour to develop.