Garlic spinach pasta with woked chicken and vegetable in blackbean sauce

Mmmmm, spinach is good for me:) Garlic spinach pasta: 1. A package of spinach pasta 2. Two pieces of garlic Chicken and veg in blackbean sauce: 1. Chicken filé 2. Squash 3. Onion 4. Champions 5. Carrot 6. Garlic 7. Blackbean sauce
Garlic spinach pasta: Step 1: Boil the spinach pasta. When it´s done, pour cold water over the pasta to cool it off. Peel off the skin of the garlic and chop them into small pieces. Throw them into the pan with heated oil, and then the pasta. Add some salt and pepper. Chicken and veg in blackbean sauce: Step 2: Slice the chicken filé into small part. Add some potatoe starch and salt. Blend together with the chicken. Fry them on a hot pan with oil and when the chicken is ready, put them on a plate. Step 3: Chop the squash, onion, carrot, garlic and open up a can of champions. First, add the garlic on the pan with oil ofcourse:) And then the squash, onion, carrot and champions. Let them cook for a while and then add salt and sugar. When they are turning colour add a spoon of blackbean sauce into the pan. Make sure you taste it before adding too much blackbean sauce, cause it can taste too salty if you add too much blackbean sauce. Now, throw the chicken into the vegetable mixure. Add little water into the pan. Let it cook for 1-2 min. Hope you will enjoy this.