Garlic mushroom shrimp

- 35/45 Shrimp per pound - 3 Big spoons of butter/margarine - 1 Whole garlic, chopped finely - 2 Table spoon paprika - 1 Onion, sliced - 10 Button mushrooms - Salt/pepper
LETS GET IT STARTED PREP Wash shrimp, leave tail on or off. Sprinkle some salt and let sit until ready to use. Chop all garlic finely or in chunks. However you like your garlic. I like a bit of both worlds. Cut onion down the middle and slice both halves. Have a nice, big pot ready and add a little bit of butter to it. Once melted, add the garlic and then after one minute, add the onions. Let both mingle for 2 minutes on medium heat. Once mingled, add shrimp and let the garlic, onions and shrimp have some fun. While they are having fun, add the paprika, salt and pepper. Let this sit for 4 minutes and let them mingle some more, and add all the butter. Let melt and serve HOT!