Full-meal pasta bake


-pasta of choice (shorter is probably better)

-chicken breasts (1 for each diner)

-yellow peppers

-pasta sauce (make it or buy it)


-parmigiano reggiano

  1. cook pasta
  2. broil chicken (with olive oil, salt and pepper)
  3. prepare or heat sauce
  4. cut up peppers
  5. layer in a casserole: pasta, chicken, sauce, peppers, cheeses (shredded)
  6. put under broiler until cheeses brown.

I like this because it has all the components you need in a meal (carbs, meat, veggies, dairy) in one dish.

Note: The method described does cook the peppers, but leaves them crunchy. For softer peppers, steam or sauté them first, leaving them less done than you want them ultimately to be.