fruit torte

crust: 1 cup of flower           1 stick of soft unsalted butter          1/3 cup of suger          1 tsp. of vanilla 
filling:  1 cup of extra creamy whip cream           1 cup powder suger           4-5 oz. of cream cheese   ( 4 less think, 5 thicker ) and fruit! of your choice! not trying to be the "man" hehe
pre heat your oven to 350 dgre. f,         while that is heating up  mix 
  • w. cream, 
  • powdered suger, 
  • and cream cheese 
in a bowl. use a blender! blend till smooth and creamy! (yummy)  put it in the fridge!          mix
  • flower,
  • butter,
  •  suger,
  •  and vanilla
in a mixing bowl with a fork.  it should be crumbly. take your torte pan and put a 1 cm. layer of the crust on the bottom and on the sides of the pan, pat it down! put in oven for 20 min.  while the crust is backing cut up your fruit!!!  after you crust totaly cools. put on your filling, add fruit!you can put all the fruit on it as you like!!!  and                   ~ enjoy! this was my grandmothers recipe so treat it with love!