Fruit Tart

Cocoa Tart : - 175g Plain flour - 30g Cocoa powder - 50g Caster sugar - 1/4tsp Salt - 125g Unsalted butter (chilled) - 1 Egg yolk - 1tbs Iced Water Custard Filling : - 3 Egg yolk - 200ml Milk - 60g Sugar - 20g Plain flour - 2tbs Fresh cream - 1tbs Kirsch (any liquor) Gelatine glaze (optional) : - 2sheets Leaf gelatine - 1tbs Sugar - 100ml Water
This is probably the easiest dessert you could make and it looks amazing ! The gelatine glaze will make it looks shiny, but it's optional, it will still look pretty without the shine ^_^ The cocoa tart is taken from Nigella's Chocolate Raspberry Tart. I use custard as the filling instead of using the mascarpone which I found a bit dry and pasty. It may look decadent, but it's very light in taste. The bitter cocoa tart, the sweet custard and the tartness of the fruits (well, depends on what fruit you use, but in this case they are quite tart) balance each other out. To make the tart : 1. In a food processor, combine flour, cocoa powder, sugar and salt. Blitz to combine 2. Cut the chilled butter (important, the butter must be cold ) into small cubes and add into the food processor. Pulse until it starts to look like cookie crumbles. 3. Whisk the egg and ice water slightly , and add to the food processor. Pulse again until it start to clump. 4. Take the "dough" out and work with your hands until they come together . 5. Wrap the dough in cling wrap and let rest in the fridge for at least 30minutes. 6. Preheat oven to 180 C 7. Roll out the rested dough , but remember not to roll it out too thin, or it will crack when you take it out of the oven. (Tip : instead of using flour to roll out the dough, use cling wrap, this will prevent the dough becomes dry because of the excess flour. Place the dough on a sheet of cling wrap , then place another sheet on top, then happy rolling !) 8. Transfer the rolled dough into tart tin, trim the excess edges. 9. Pierce the base of the tart with forks and blind bake ( i.e., place baking sheet on the tart, and add weigh it down using rice, beans, or the ceramic beads). Bake for 10min. 10. After 10min, remove the sheet and the weights. Return to the oven and bake for 10minutes. 11. Let the tart cool completely before taking it out from the tin. To make the filling : 1. In a bowl, whisk the egg yolks, 1tbs spoon of the sugar and 1tbs of the milk. Just whisk lightly to combine. 2. In a pan, heat up cream, remainding milk and sugar over low heat. When it starts to bubble on the sides, remove from heat. 3. Add in flour to the egg mixture, mix well. 4. Add in the warmed milk solution slowly while continuously whisking. 5. If there are lumps, strain the mixture. Return to pan and heat with whisking until it starts to thicken. Place into a bowl. 6. Add in the alcohol, mix well. 7. Place a cling film on top of the custard to prevent skin forming on top. 8. Put into the fridge and let it chilled completely. To make the gelatine glaze : 1. Soak the gelatine leaves in some water and set aside for 10minutes or until completely softened. 2. In a pan, combine water, sugar and gelatine. Heat the mixture until it boils. 3. Let cool a little before brushing it over the fruit. To assemble : 1. Fill the custard into the tart. Smooth the surface. 2. Arrange your fruits, then if you wish, brush them with the gelatine glaze.